Hardwood Plywood

Our Hardwood Plywood product suppliers are: Roseburg Forest Products and Timber Products  (Domestic, Made in the USA) ALDER 1/4 CLEAR ALDER A4 3/4 CLEAR ALDER A2 1/4 KNOTTY ALDER K4 3/4 KNOTTY ALDER K4 3/4 ALDER  MDF CORE B2 ASH 1/4 ASH 1SG 3/4 ASH B2 100% WHITE VC BIRCH 1/8 BIRCH A4 1SG 1/4 BEADED […]

Exotic Wood Species We Carry

Exotic Species Available: African Mahogany Afrormosia Bird’s Eye Maple Burma Teak Curly Cherry Curly Maple European Beech Flame Birch Jatoba Lacewood Leopardwood Macassar Ebony Padauk Peruvian Walnut Purpleheart Sapele Spanish Cedar Wenge Zebrawood