Products and Services

Hardwood Products Company is located in Houston, Texas servicing the commercial and residential hardwood market. We have a huge selection of softwoods, hardwoods, exotics, plywood, melamine, corbels, laminates, and moldings.

We also have a mill to satisfy and custom needs.

Hardwood Products Company has one of the largest inventories of  plywood and lumber in Houston serving a vast array of industry people just like you.

Hardwood Products sales counter

Hardwood Products sales counter

We service . . .

  • Contractors
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Furniture Builders
  • Master Carpenters
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Remodelers
  • DIYers
  • Institutions
  • Commercial Builders

Hardwood Products began with plywood in 1977 and today we offer a huge selection of products . . .

  • Hardwoods – From Ash to Walnut
  • Softwoods – From Aromatic Cedar to White Pine
  • Exotics – From Aniegre to Zebrawood
  • Plywoods/MDO/Marine Grade Fir
  • Carvings – Corbels to Columns
  • Veneers – From Wood over Wood to Exotic wood
  • Decorative Melamine/Skyblend by Roseburg Forest Products (NAUF) (LEED Credits)
  • Particle Board/MDF by Temple-Inland  (NAUF) (LEED Credits)
  • 100 lbs Full Extension Drawer Slides (14″ up to 24″ long)
  • Green Products/Green T Hardwood Plywood by Timber Products Company (LEED Credits)
  • Beaded Plywood/Birch, Maple and Red Oak
  • In Stock Hardwood Moulding/Cherry-Maple-Poplar-Red Oak-Mahogany-Walnut-Ash-Alder
  • 440 SoundBarrier/by Homasote Company (LEED Credits) (100% Recycled Material)
  • Baltic Birch Drawer Sides UV finished (2.5″ up to 12″ wide)

Hardwood Products Company also has a fully functioning mill

to satisfy what has been a growing demand for customization.  With the mill’s expansion, we have been able to take the middle man out of a formerly expensive process and pass the savings to our customers.

We also carry an unlimited selection of knives for custom mouldings.


Hardwood Products Delivers Next Day!

We deliver to the Houston area and just outside the Houston area for free with same day and next day deliveries.*
Waste no time on the job! We can deliver any size order right to your project site. Order today, get it tomorrow.


  • Within the Houston area, all we require is a minimum order amount of $500. If you can’t meet our minimum we will still deliver for $65 plus a small fuel surcharge of $9.
  • Outside the Houston area, we require a minimum order amount of $1,500. If you can’t meet our minimum order amount we still deliver same or next day for only $100 plus a small fuel surcharge of $9.
  • *All deliveries require a small fuel surcharge of $9.