In Stock Moulding

In addition to our custom moulding capabilities, we have a whole line-up of common mouldings in stock.  Here are the details pertaining to our instock hardwood mouldings. Click here  

Custom Millwork

We think of our mill as a limitless resource for our customers. “The sky is the limit,” we like to say, when it comes to custom moulding and custom milling. S4S Our mill can provide moulder grade, clean edges and smooth sides in small or large runs. Custom Moulding From screen moulding to large crown […]

Free* Delivery with Minimum Purchase

READY TO DELIVER Next Day! We deliver to the Houston area and just outside the Houston area for free* with next-day deliveries. Waste no time on the job! We can deliver any size order, right to your project site. Order today, get it tomorrow.


In addition to our custom moulding capabilities, we have a line-up of common moulding profiles in stock.  Here are the details pertaining to most of our instock hardwood mouldings.  If it’s not listed here, call us! 713-984-8904 **Photos not to scale Selection of Pre-cut Moulding Profiles in Stock

Decorative Wood Products

Luxury Demands Details. Hardwood Products is also a supplier to the high-end market. We have a limitless selection of details that your clients demand in their upscale design requests. We have a large selection in stock and are wholesale distributors of the highest quality Corbels, Posts, Legs, Feet, Onlays/Appliques, Capitals, Creative Columns, Fireplace, Mantel, and […]

Knowledge on the Floor

The people who work for Hardwood Products do more than manage our inventory, they help each and every customer get exactly what they are looking for.  Our inventory floor is an extension of our sales office and the people who work in inventory care as much about your success as the sales team.

Lumber Inventory

Our huge selection and inventory of species of Softwoods, Hardwoods, and Exotics are available and on view for our customers to see close up. You can see and feel what you are looking for before making your order, which minimizes the time away from your project. S4S Inventory – Milled on 4 Sides ALDER LUMBER […]

Beautiful Timber Products

From panel to mouldings, accessories to custom mill work, Hardwood Products has kept the Houston area well supplied since 1977. Hardwood Products Company works with suppliers who practice sustained-yield forestry and are the highest quality manufacturers.  Our products supply industry professionals, craftsmen, and artisans in the greater Houston area.