Custom Millwork

We think of our mill as a limitless resource for our customers. “The sky is the limit,” we like to say, when it comes to custom moulding and custom milling. S4S Our mill can provide moulder grade, clean edges and smooth sides in small or large runs. Custom Moulding From screen moulding to large crown […]

Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council

The scope of this certificate covers the distribution of lumber, plywood, and moldings using the transfer system.

The facility(s) are hereby Chain of Custody cetified to sell products as:

FSC Pure and FSC Mixed

Free* Delivery with Minimum Purchase

READY TO DELIVER Next Day! We deliver to the Houston area and just outside the Houston area for free* with next-day deliveries. Waste no time on the job! We can deliver any size order, right to your project site. Order today, get it tomorrow.

Particle Board and MDF

MEDIUM DENSITY FIBERBOARD – MDF 1/4 A-GRADE MDF 3/8 A-GRADE MDF 1/2 A-GRADE MDF 5/8 A-GRADE MDF 3/4 A-GRADE MDF 3/4 UltraStock-MR MDF /Moisture Resistant 3/4 UltraStock-FREE MDF/ Free of Added Formaldehyde (NAUF) 3/4 A-GRADE MDF 4X10 3/4 A-GRADE MDF 5X10 1″ A GRADE MDF 1″ A GRADE MDF 5X8 1-1/8″ A-GRADE MDF 1-1/8″ A-GRADE MDF […]

Hardwood Plywood

Our Hardwood Plywood product suppliers are: Roseburg Forest Products and Timber Products  (Domestic, Made in the USA) ALDER 1/4 CLEAR ALDER A4 3/4 CLEAR ALDER A2 1/4 KNOTTY ALDER K4 3/4 KNOTTY ALDER K4 3/4 ALDER  MDF CORE B2 ASH 1/4 ASH 1SG 3/4 ASH B2 100% WHITE VC BIRCH 1/8 BIRCH A4 1SG 1/4 BEADED […]

Veneer and Flexible Wood Products

Hardwood Products carries two distinct manufacturers’ lines to supply Houston’s veneer market. Veneer Tech Recognized and trusted as a leader throughout the industry, Veneer Tech’s standard and exotic wood veneer products are used in a variety of applications including: furniture, cabinets, architectural treatments, store fixtures, moulding, interior accent trim for cars, and panelling luxurious state rooms on yachts. Veneer […]


In addition to our custom moulding capabilities, we have a line-up of common moulding profiles in stock.  Here are the details pertaining to most of our instock hardwood mouldings.  If it’s not listed here, call us! 713-984-8904 **Photos not to scale Selection of Pre-cut Moulding Profiles in Stock


The creative and utilitarian applications for laminate are wide open. Pionite® is our key supplier and their available styles, textures, and colors are without limit. We have a large selection on hand and what is not already in our inventory is just a phone call away. Please don’t hesitate to visit their website for possibilities –

Decorative Melamine

Perfect for a whole host of applications whether designing furniture commercial fixtures, or cabinets. Decorative Melamine proves its value in strength, quality and performance. With particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF) cores Hardwood Products offers a number of styles in stock. ALMOND MELAMINE BLACK MELAMINE GREY MELAMINE MAPLE MELAMINE BLACK CHERRY MELAMINE CHOCOLATE APPLE MELAMINE […]

Column Moulding

Visit our sales office and peruse our catalogues to design the most beautiful cabinetry details imaginable. We are a major distributor for duBois Carvings. More photos of products they manufacture can be found on their website at