Our History

Hardwood Products is family-owned; serviced by two generations of dedicated, industry knowledge.

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Today's view of Hardwood Products from the air.

The Gibbs family began Hardwoods Products some 30+ years ago, when in 1977 we emerged as a small, plywood products distributor.

Since then, we have weathered the downturns and stayed modest in the upturns, until building a sustainable, growing company on solid business practices and customer service values.

Our customers say that they prefer Hardwood Products over many competitors because of our attention to service, product knowledge, and the way orders are managed.

Hardwood Products is proud of our tradition of getting customers out of the shop and back on the project site as quickly as possible.

We also provide a retail-like environment but run as a wholesale, distributor operation.  Perfecting this balance has taken years of experience and a focus on customer need.

Raw lumber for milling

Three years ago, that focus shifted and we built a custom milling operation into our mix of services.

Planing wood at the mill

As a result, Hardwood Products has become one of its own best customers at the mill, as maintaining a consistent inventory means a quality-controlled inventory for our buyers.

Maintaining quality consistency and continuing to be able to say, “yes we can do that” for our customers has been a priority and one of the smartest business decisions we’ve ever made.

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